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A rigorous ballet & Pilates studio in the heart of Needham, MA founded by Paulo Arrais, a world-renowned former Principal Dancer with Boston Ballet.


The training philosophy of Arrais Ballet is that rigorous training should be paired with artistic expression, creativity, individuality and risk taking in a supportive environment.

Experience the joy of movement and the power of expression at Arrais Ballet.

Arrais Ballet in Needham MA


Where technique meets artistry.

Ballet school in Greater Boston

We welcome young children, experienced youth, competitive dancers, and adults alike to Arrais Ballet. Our age-appropriate curriculum and Pilates workouts cater to individuals of all levels, promoting core strength, flexibility, and a healthy body image.



To support individuality and creativity

Arrais Ballet in Needham MA
Paulo Arrais teaching ballet in Needham MA

To promote holistic mind and body wellness in a high-quality, inclusive and safe environment.

Arrais Ballet in Needham MA


Paulo Arrais, former dancer at Boston Ballet

A highly accomplished and internationally recognized ballet dancer, Paulo Arrais is best known for his long career as a Principal Dancer at Boston Ballet and guest appearances on four different continents. At the core of his success lies Paulo’s ability to bring disciplined training, technical versatility and expressive emotion to his performances. He believes that this balance should be taught from a young age to bring out the best in dancers and is employing this teaching method at Arrais Ballet.

Where art meets heart.


Arrais Ballet Needham MA


I have known Paulo Arrais for a year as my daughter's ballet teacher and it's been a pleasure to watch him teach my daughter. He is responsible, disciplined and extremely talented. He has worked hard to instill in her the same kind of passion and knowledge he has for ballet. He is working hard to improve the kid's abilities everyday. He is overall a genuinely kind, caring and talented teacher, who loves to share his knowledge and motivate the kids to learn ballet.

"Improving kids’ abilities everyday."

Arrais Ballet Needham Studio


Paulo is hard-working, brilliant, reliable, responsible, open-minded, and communicative. The product he offers–his teaching–sets him far ahead of the pack. He is a team player, but also a good leader. And he is the singular teacher and mentor my daughter can point to and say my growth blossomed because of his teaching. She told me recently,

“I would gladly work with him anytime. Every time he shows up with the biggest smile and makes hard work exciting. I know with his expertise he will shine in whatever he decides to do can’t wait to see what he will do on the future!"


Arrais Ballet Needham Studio

Participating in the Arrais Ballet Pop Up Intensive helped me prepare for my upcoming placement audition for college this fall. The program's unique blend of professional instruction, immersive learning environment, and personalized attention truly exceeded my expectations. Under the guidance of the exceptionally talented faculty, including the renowned dancer Paulo Arrais, I was able to refine my technique, explore new styles, and gain invaluable insights into the world of ballet. 


"An immersive learning environment."

Arrais Ballet in Needham MA

To inspire lifelong appreciation for the arts and fitness

To provide outstanding professional and synergistic classical ballet and Pilates training

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