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Explore the art of dance with Arrais Ballet's diverse range of classes, designed for all ages, from toddlers to adults. Led by Paulo Arrais and our experienced instructors, you'll dive into the world of technique and self-expression. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your skills, join us at Arrais Ballet and let the joy of dance inspire your personal journey.


  • In a fun environment, our Creative Dance students will boost their love for natural movement, improving control, coordination, gross motor skills, creativity, and expressiveness.

  • Building on Creative Dance skills, students in our Pre-Ballet classses gain confidence in dancing, nurtured in an environment promoting expressiveness, joy of movements, active listening, and focus.

  • Our Fundamentals 1 classes build on the Pre-Ballet training, following principles from L'Ecole Francaise de Danse Classique, establishing a strong foundation for classical ballet. Students learn essential vocabulary, stance, and movement fundamentals.

  • In our Fundamentals 2 classes, dancers will deepen their understanding of ballet technique by focusing on the placement and execution of a full barre. Students will work on achieving correct alignment, articulating movements of the legs and feet, and developing a strong foundation in their ballet training. Our classes provide a fun, safe and supportive environment, while also maintaining a sense of discipline to help students grow and improve their skills.

  • Our Intermediate classes are designed for dancers who have mastered the basics and are ready to continue their ballet training at a more advanced level. In these classes, students will be introduced to pointe work, learn age-appropriate variations and repertoire, and focus on soidifying their technique. Emphasis will be placed on proper placement, working en-dehors (outward rotation), achieving clean lines, developing strong port de bras (arm movements), and executing controlled movements with precision and grace.

  • Our Advanced Intermediate classes cater to dancers who are proficient in their ballet technique and are ready to take the next step in their training. Students will continue to work on pointe skills, learn age-appropriate variations and repertoire, and focus on refining their jumps and turns. Emphasis will also be placed on épaulement (shoulder movements) and port de tête (head movements) to enhance the artistry and grace of their dancing.

  • Dancers hone in on technique and master vocabulary; training emphasizes strength, control, and artistry for pointe with pre-professional rigor.

  • If interested in intensive, customized, pre-professional training, please contact us for a private discussion.

    Please, note that our Advanced level is taught with pre-professional rigor and curriculum. 

  • Enhances core strength, flexibility, stamina, stability, balance, and mindful movement. For dancers and athletes, Pilates is essential cross-training.

  • Arrais Ballet participates in ballet competitions across the country, such as YAGP, UBC, CT Classics, etc.  Competition coaching is available to students enrolled in classes at Arrais Ballet. 

  • For seasoned dancers and newcomers alike, our traditional barre and center ballet class format will bring fulfillment and nurture a love for dance. 

    Wednesday 11 - 12:30pm

    Friday 10-11:30am

    Saturday 11-12:30pm

    Summer only:

    Saturday 11:30-1pm

  • Private lessons are designed to elevate technique, enhance overall artistry or improve a particular skill. Through personalized one-on-one sessions, we will focus on helping dancers attain their individual ballet goals.

  • The transformative power of Classical Pilates can be experienced in a private and focused session, where individual needs will be assessed, and one can receive personalized instruction to attain specific goals efficiently and effectively.

  • This program offers summer-intensive-style training throughout the year. In addition to Arrais Ballet students participating, it is open to students of the community.  Intensive Sundays are appropriate for students preparing for auditions or competitions, for those perfecting variations or a particular skill and those who want to take their dancing to the next level. The 5-hour Intensive Sundays offer conditioning, technique, pointe, variation/repertoire and on occasion partnering, contemporary and pantomime. It aims to enhance training and help dancers meet their individual goals. 

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